Footdominas - Lady Gabriella, Lady Daphne - Blond Attack - Trampling Party On Our Human Carpet! - BRUTAL Double Trampling NON STOP part 1

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Description: Two of the most beautiful Ladies, the blond Princesses Gariella and Daphne are good friends that share everything, even their slaves! Time for trampling! Gabriella and Daphne step on their human carpet and start the fun! The blond Princesses destroy the poor slave under their feet and they really enjoy it, as you can see! They kick, stomp and jump on the slave, they trample his dick and crush his throat and they specialy focus on his face. They stand on his face one by one and trampling it, they kick it and stomp it and they make him lick their feet as they stand on him and crush him. The two blond Goddesses cannot have enough of trampling their slave in their private femdom party! AMAZING ACTION, A MUST FOR THE TRAMPLING FANS!
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