Bratty Foot Girls - Cheerleader Mandy Flores Gets Her Turn

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Description: In our latest Brat high Episode - Not knowing the full extent of how far the video of his forced fot smelling handjob has gone, Jason has still agreed to help out some of his more popular classmates with their studies. being a A grade student the head cheerleader Mandy has asked him to come round to her place and help her with an upcoming exam. Once he arrives, Mandy quickly let's him in on her main reason for having him over. She has seen his foot humiliation video and wants to know why she hasn't had a turn yet using his mouth as her human foot cleaner. Jason quickly feels the dread wash over him and almoat comes to tears but Mandy has no mercy for him, she tells him the head cheerleader should of been the first to have a turn with him and pushes him to the floor and makeshim remove her sweaty stinky gym shoes. She rips his head back and forces him to stick out his tongue as she wipes the days worth of sweat all over his mouth and tongue. He must do as she says as she starts to gag his mouth with her toes, she can feel the toejam accumulation between them and has him lick every ounce of it from between each toe. He just can't catch a break and wonders if he will ever rid if his foot fetish humiliation at school.