Bratty Foot Girls - Velma Von Massacre - Smell my big stinky soles

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Description: Velma owes Jason money for rent as he has some big bills coming up. Problem is Velma hasn't got the money, but she thinks she has a sneaky way to get out of paying him back. She slips off her sweaty sneakers exposing her big size 10 stinky soles. Knowing Jason has a secret foot fetish she knows just how to make him bend to her will. She asks if he can smell that stink in the air from her sweaty feet, he gets shy and kinda says he can. She then sticks her feet in his face and tells him maybe they can come up with a deal. If he agrees to cover her rent then he can smell her feet as much as he wants. Slowly he comes around to the idea and soon Velma has him right where she wants him, under her stinky soles!