Goddess Platinum - The Humiliation Of A Bum

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Description: A hot, rich, arrogant woman makes her driver pull over just so she can torment a bum she sees begging on the side of the road. She makes it literally BEG her for change while she laughs in its face and verbally degrades it – simply for her entertainment. She ENJOYS humiliating n degrading those that are less fortunate than her. It just adds to her “superiority complex”! She loves seeing them grovel for her…and seeing how far she can push them to degrade themselves just for her amusement! The bum obviously hates this treatment, but he has no choice. This “rich bitch” makes him kiss her feet literally for PENNIES while she laughs at him! And he is obviously homeless, but he is kissing the feet of this woman while she sits casually and comfortably in the back seat of her Lexus… Eventually she wants to push him to degrade himself for her even MORE. Hmm…what will he be willing to do for a WHOLE DOLLAR??? She wants to make him lick the FILTH off the BOTTOM OF HER SHOES. Will he seriously sink that low for a DOLLAR?? She wants to take any shred of “dignity” he has left…so she tells him about all the filthy, disgusting things she has stepped in today – and then sticks the filthy sole of her shoe right in his face…”LICK IT CLEAN, bitch!” Will he really do it???
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