Mia and Ashlynn "Blindfolded Foot Worship Challenge"

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Description: Mia and I have been hosting our weekly "blindfolded food tasting challenge" and it's time for another episode! Today, I'm the victim and Mia will be feeding me various items. She surprises me with a set of handcuffs as she binds my wrists behind my back. She then starts me off with sweet and salty foods before placing her toe on my tongue. It's so salty so when I barely touch it, I think it must be some kind of potato chip. I start to get suspicious as she shoves her toe further into my mouth. Then, she removes my blindfold, cruelly laughing at my disgusted reaction. I cringe at the sight of her toes near my face and the thought of putting them back in my mouth, but Mia insists I'm to worship them if I want to be freed. Mia is delighted to get her revenge after I fed her anchovies last week (which she despises). She says this will gain viewers on the show and change things up, so I reluctantly agree to worship them. With me still cuffed, Mia lounges on the sofa, and instructs me to kneel beneath her soles and worship them. I hate how salty and weird they are but I worship them like I love them, making sure to cover ever square centimeter with my wet tongue. Mia teases and taunts me cruelly the whole time, but I keep pleasing her so I can be released. I run my tongue up and down her soles and in between each toe, telling myself it's all for the viewers at this point. I keep going like a little foot slave, and try to enjoy running my mouth all over her feet, moaning in the process. Mia is obviously enjoying herself as she keeps complimenting my worshipping and getting more and more relaxed on the sofa. When her feet feel clean and fresh, she decides to end the show and un-cuff me so we can both say goodbye. We prop our feet up side by side and Mia teases about worshiping my feet next episode, I immediately decline. However, she feels confident that the viewers will request it.