SAKURA - 'Sport Equipment' - Sneakers Worship, Socks Smelling and Sweaty Feet Worship and Domination (2 Clips in 1)

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Description: This bitch Sakura works out as the running machine is fixed now. She finishes the training and I wait for her on my knees as she commanded me, to fix her a drink as soon as she finish. She comes and relaxes on the armchair and she commands me to lick her shoes clean! Why? She was not outside! But this crazy bitch doesn't care, she makes me lick her sneakers clean. I lick and I am ready to cry and when she realizes it, she kicks me and crushes my face with the raw sole of the sport shoes. Sakura gets angry because I am slow, so she makes me remove her shoes, she takes them from my hands and she makes me lick them pressing them hard on my tongue and then she makes me sniff the inside! She presses hard the shoe against my face and my nose is deep in the shoe and I inhale the fresh aroma of her feet, as she laughs at me! After licking her sneakers clean, this bitch Sakura wants to humiliate me more and make me feel bad, so she sticks her feet in socks on my face and she commands me to sniff. They are very smelly! I complain but she kicks my face and says to me that I must be very thankful that I am near her feet and she keeps rubbing her socked feet all over my face, kicking me and smothering me! She tells me to remove her socks and she takes them, presses them on my nose and makes me sniff them even harder! She lays back and she presents her feet on my face, telling me to sniff them too. They are very sweaty and smelly, but of course I know that if I complain, she will be harder with me. I lick the sweat from her smelly feet as she humiliates me and she dominates me even more, footslapping me and rubbing her feet all over my face. She is very hard with me and she rubs her feet so hard on my face and tongue, that I am sure that my face will smell like feet all day, even if I wash it!