Fina & Onyx Kim - Party Girl Mesmerized & Tamed by Feet

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Description: Fina is pumped for tonight. She inviting all the girls out including Onyx who is as straight and sober as they come. Fina pushes the issue and even insults Onyx's post gym feet. Since Fina says they stink, Onyx thinks it's appropriate to show them right in her face and make her take a big "whiff"! Fina is dazed by the putrid scent and is suddenly silent. Onyx laughs at Fina and tells her to respond to her orders with a "Yes, Master". Fina instantly reacts and obeys! This is too good to pass up and Onyx take full advantage. She makes Fina engage in a couple of humiliating tasks before demanding she kneel and worship her feet. Fina is made to smell, kiss, and heavily worship her roommate turned master. Onyx's beautiful goddess feet have her mesmerized friend literally drooling for more as she intensely worships and gags. Onyx can't get enough as she maneuvers Fina in numerous positions taking advantage of her wet inviting mouth. She then turns on the TV and instructs Fina to pour her a glass of champagne.