Joey’s FeetGirls - Teresa Takes A Video Call

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Description: I'm trying to make a film with Teresa but she is so busy looking at her DMs on Twitter and OF. She props her feet up in preparation for the video but she's answering a ton of messages so I'm stuck just looking at her feet on the table. Her soles look so tender that I decide to go ahead and start without her while she pays me no mind. I worship her feet while she toils away on her phone and doesn't even acknowledge anything I'm doing. Fuck it I oil up her feet and start to slide my dick between them. Having her soft feet right in my face made my dick hard. I guess I don't really need her help with this, I'll handle it on my own. Then I hear the unmistakable sound of her video chat ringing. She was taking a video call as I fucked her feet! I guess she told the guy that she was getting her feet fucked and he wanted to see! You can hear him jerking his dick in the background and all his expressions as he is memorized by her feet stroking a hard dick. NOW she starts paying attention to me. She grips me with her toes and fondles my dick and this takes me over the edge. I pull my dick out from between her toes and squirt my load all over her feet. This drives the video caller crazy and you can hear him utter expletives in disbelief. Then, he begs her to tell him to cum and she hangs up on him. He only paid for 2 mins and his time was up!