Bratty Foot Girls - Maria Marley - Foot Slave Abstinence training

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Description: Your goddess Maria Marley has ordered you not to touch yourself for a whole month. If you ever want to touch, smell and lick her perfect size 9 soles again you will listen to her as she commands you to get down and start licking her dirty high heels. You're not worthy to lick her expensive shoes yet,so she has on her cheapest and dirtiest heels for you to clean, this is where you must start, at the very bottom. Once she is happy with you cleaning her shoes, she removes them and orders you to lick clean her sweaty dirty soles. They stink but you must learn to love the smell. They are your new Gods, each foot begs for you to inhale the smells, taste the flavors and get your last of fun before giving it up for a month!
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