Scarlett Sinns Twisted Fetishes - Sasha Worships Scarlett's Feet

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Description: After my maid Sasha was caught stealing from me, I ended up punishing her by tying her to the bed and mercilessly tickling her in the clip Punished with Harsh Tickling Toward the end of Sasha's tickle tortvre, Sasha was then told that, in addition to her punishment and in order to keep her job, she would have to prove her loyalty to me. But it wasn't made clear what she would have to do. But now, it's revealed! Sasha must worship my petite bare feet! Sasha unzips my boots, removes them, then peels off my little ankle socks to reveal the softest feet you'd ever feel! That's right because I take care of my feet! They're always so soft and perrrrfect! Sasha uses her tongue all over my bare soles and in between my toes. It's clear Sasha wants to remain my employee because of the way she sexily and sensually worships my little feet!
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