Real Bare Soles – Frisky, adorable PREQUEL!

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Description: Often I will shoot a girl multiple times during the season and not even realize it's the same girl til the season is over and I'm looking over all the results. This is a great example -- I shot this girl at the end of July as she sat on chairs on the lawn ("Frisky, Adorable Soles"), and she was very sort of playful and knowing right off the bat. It confused me but now I understand why -- I had shot her before! Didn't know it was the same girl because for some reason she had a very different look. I think she actually looks much prettier here. It was the Friday before the Fourth of July weekend (Monday was the fourth actually) and the city was deserted after work. The lawn was closed (as usual) which really disappointed me, so I walked along the edge of the library, and as Ilooked up at the plaza from street level on 40th Street I saw a little dark head poking up, but that's all I saw. I stopped and peered through the slots in the concrete and saw what I hoped was something VERY promising, so got right up there! And sure enough, there was a slender little girl with an adorable face and long black hair (which I LOVE) sitting at a table with her feet up. I looked at her bare soles (smooth and soft and cute, with VERY curvy arches) and then looked at her face and saw she was looking straight at me looking at her soles! So I wondered how to approach this. I mean, I usually ease into the situation, but it was such a thrill to see this spectacle that I got a little overenthused, especially because I had thought, not ten seconds before, that the rest of my evening was going to be composed of going to Juniors, getting a sandwich for dinner, and going home and watching a movie! So I had been overeager, and now had to be careful to compensate. I stopped and looked at my phone and pretended to check my e-mail. Then I casually walked over the to table in front on her and sat down, the whole time not looking at her. Ok, this was also suspicious, as the plaza was virtually empty and there were lots of other places to sit. I was not looking at her but I could feel her looking at me. So I sat down and checked my voicemail. Then I opened my bag and took my camcorder out and looked at it. I casually flipped the viewfinder open and it made its cheery sound and I could have sworn I heard her snort! But I had come this far and I couldn't stop now. I pressed record and pointed it at her bare soles. I saw her waving her feet around for a minute I thought she was waving them to put them down and come over, and I felt a bit of panic -- not so much having to deal with a steamed girl, which I have done before, but of NOT being able to capture a good amount of sole footage of her! I saw, behind the flashing feet, that heartbreakingly adorable little face, then those big dark eyes flashed at me, peeking at the camera. To my relief she seemed to find it funny as there was no trace of hostility in her expression. But then after just a few seconds, she swung her legs off the table and I was crushed and prepared myself for a confrontation. But again, no -- she just looked at her soles, licked her finger and rubbed the bottom of her foot for a moment, then put her feet back up again! So this basically rang the dinner bell for me. For the rest of the time she had her feet up, which was one and off for about six minutes, I shot her quite brazenly, and she was very cute and playful in return. She was so cute, and I don't mean just in terms of being pretty, but also just her flirty and free attitude. A real fun and sweet gal. She put her feet down a few times, but I just patiently waited and she'd peek at me a little and then put her feet back up again. Eventually she put her feet down, slid her sandals back on, and left, walking so close to me I could smell her perfume and feel the gust of air as she passed, even though she didn't have to get so close to me to leave. I remember it being a thrill, but then I had something crazy come up at work and the next ten days became a blur of work and rest deprivation, and this segment, with this gorgeous playful little minx, was all but forgotten ... and I totally didn't recognize her when I saw her again on the lawn at the end of the month! But she seems to have recognized me, lol....
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