KaylaJaneDanger-Worship My Bejeweled Feet & Cum ForThem

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Description: It's summer time, even more excuses for me to be barefoot in bikinis, even though I’m pretty much like that year round, but summer is a time to really accentuate the bare feet, the bare body, and foot jewelry is such a great way to do that. You love seeing my feet bedazzled and bejeweled, like the iconic goddess feet they are, you must worship them, you must kiss them, lick them, shine the jewelry with your spit, suck each of those cute little toes. You take the honor seriously, you devour them as you are instructed, waiting for permission to stroke, and when you are given the go-ahead you stroke mindfully, each stroke honoring your Goddess until you are yelping out your thanks as you pump your sperm out into the world, all thanks to me and my perfect bejeweled feet!