Brat Princess 2 - Mia Slave tries to Buy his Way out of Chastity

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Description: This is probably the best BP foot worship video ever.) Mia recalls the fun she had shopping with her slave’s credit card the other day. The slave worships her feet. She pauses to remind him to get in-between her toes. Mia fucks the slave’s face with her foot. She asks, “Don’t you think we should go shopping again today?” The slave objects. He says he’s already spent a lot of money. Mia reminds the slave that the point of shopping is to spend more than you think you should. “You can never spend enough on me,” she imparts as the slave sucks her toes. She tells him that she wants him to spend so much it hurts. It only makes her happier knowing he’s driving himself into debt. Mia snaps her gum while the slave licks her feet. The slave tries to make a deal with his Princess. He asks if he can get out of chastity. He feels as though he’s spent enough money to earn it. He promises that if he is released, he will spend even more. Mia is astonished at the slave’s hubris. She spits in its outspoken mouth. “You don’t get out of chastity just because you spend money on me.” The slave apologizes. Mia reminds the slave that she was generous enough to not be upset with him the other day when he gave her a purse with no money in it. Purses given as gifts should always have money inside. Mia remembers how disappointed she was to open the purse and find nothing. She spits in the slave’s mouth twice. “I’m going to make you buy so much stuff for me at the mall…and you’re just going to have to deal with it.”