BrattyFootGirls - Onyx - Now you're a FOOT Slave!

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Description: Onyx is a high powered executive with big goals for her career. Unfortunately her loser boyfriend isn't on the same level as her. He stays home playing video games while she forges herself into a power hungry boss. SHe's had enough of his laziness and today he's about to find himself in a much more lowly position in her life. After snatching his control pad away she replaces it with a collar around his neck. She informs him she is no longer accepting him as her equal. He is now her slave if he wishes to stay around. She has found better men to fuck and his only use now is to clean her sweaty feet after being in the office all day. He can't believe this! Before he knows it he is licking her sweaty soles as she lounges and laughs at him. She gags his mouth with her long toes as she takes a call from a new man who she can't wait to get with tonight. He is just a foot cuck now for her amusement!