KaylaJaneDanger - My Pet Professor

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Description: It all started when I started counting how many times during class you would glance at me, then how long you that glance would linger. Now I know tenured professors like you think you have all the control and power, but things have changed, and this Woman doesn't allow any man to objectify her without paying the price, and in your circumstance it is going to cost you! As I tease you with the thought of me, my body, my feet, my Dominance overwhelms you, you feel yourself falling weaker and more susceptible to my control. Your inhibitions disappear as I remove my boots, and put my feet in your face, you are overwhelmed with submissive feelings, with lust and excitement, that you don't think twice when the socks come off and you're invited to worship, and more ... but it all comes at a price, and you are stacking up quite the bill with everything you're doing. Education is expensive!