Cleo's Gym Intense Foot gagging

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Description: Goddess Cleo is brand new to Brattyfootgirls and she arrives with a BANG! in this super hot foot worship/gagging clip. She's just gotten done with an intense workout and she is sweaty as all hell. She calls in her little foot cleaner bitch and orders him to start licking the sweat from her soles. When he doesn't do a good job, she grabs her resistance belt and wraps it around his neck to get better control of his head. Now she can really gag his mouth with her perfect toes. She yanks him closer so he has to fit all her toes into his mouth, his face goes beet red from his oxygen being restricted by the belt. Cleo isn't done yet, she him to the floor and stands on him and really foot fucks his mouth. She continues to pull his head up making it an intense position for him to be in, being trampled, his neck wrapped by the cords and her feet pushing to the back of his throat and his tongue being used as a sweat cleaner. Suffice to say this clip is HOT!