Scarlett's Fetish Fantasies - Scarlett's Dirty Soles

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Description: Scarlett knows what you want. You want her feet. It doesn't matter that it's the summer and her size 6 feet are all sweaty. IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER THAT SHE TOOK OFF HER SHOES TO GRIND HER BARE SOLES AND TOES INTO THE HOT STEAMY DIRT OUTSIDE! Scarlett's feet are irresistible and you can't help but be drawn to their funky odor. Scarlett knows you're a sick little foot perv and proceeds to tease you. She sits on the bed and wiggles her dirty feet RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! Her soles are inches from the camera and she wriggles her toes seductively, teasing you, mocking you. Her feet are so close, yet so far. Her toes look close enough to touch (and smell!) but there's no way you're getting a shot at them. Scarlett knows you can't keep your eyes off her dirty, steamy hot feet. Dirt and pebbles from the asphalt outside stick to her sweaty soles. SCARLETT WANTS YOU TO LICK HER DIRTY FEET CLEAN, EVERY INCH! Her heels, arches, even between her toes. She wants you to clean every speck of dirt off her pristine soles. She wants to shove her dirty toes down your throat until you're gagging and choking, until you're sick of feet, but that's NEVER going to happen, because you're a hopeless footboy.
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