Sarah Diavola - Public Dirty Foot Slave

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Description: I don't care about your dignity. I want you to get down on the filthy outdoor floor, on your knees, and stay there until they are raw and you are shaking from fatigue. My friends and I are socializing, relaxing, and completely dismissive of you and your plight. That's because you are nothing; you are nothing but a lawn ornament and a target for my abuse. My feet are absolutely filthy, black with dirt in between each wrinkle, pressed into the heels and pads, covering the toes - and you're going to lick them. I'll use your tongue as a foot wipe, a welcome mat, a foot bath, until it's dry and crusted over with nasty foot filth. That's right, you belong to me as nothing but an object. While Alpha beings chat around you, your only focus is me and my glorious disgusting soles. Lick from heel to toe, in every crevice, and shut up so you don't interrupt us. Notice how they don't even acknowledge you; you are nothing but a fly on the wall.... or a w0rm on the floor. Now lick, bitch, in clear open public, and show the world exactly how depraved and worthless you are by licking and swallowing the black, muddy, sooty, gross stuff from my perfect feet.
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Models: Sarah Diavola
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