Princess Lexie - Size 11 Feet

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Description: Custom Clip: "You enter in a room wearing very slim blu jeans and flat (ballerinas)shoes. You sit and you put your legs on a desk or a high table showing to the camera the soles of your shoes. You take off your shoes and you start to show your long slender soles to the camera (you have red painted toes). You move your very long toes and you stretch your soles and you spread in front of the camera (film close to yours soles but film always the entire soles). You keep your soles expanded( stretched) because in this way are flats and look longer than they are (but your soles are really long and slim!!!). You put a leg above the other moving your soles in front of the camera keeping your soles expanded for more than 30 seconds,so they must appear not a size 11 but a size 14!!! You speak about your long slender feet and you speak about your long toes you said that sometimes you measure the length of your feet and you compare with some men and your feet are often longer!!! You speak about the fact that you love to use your big feet to kick men's balls barefoot, together with your friend jasmine mendez and you destroyed many many balls and cock. Finally someone helps you to measure your feet,you put a ruler against the wall (in centimeters not in inches) and you put your right foot on the ruler placing your heel against the wall (obviously barefoot )and you read how many centimeters at the end of your big toe( show with the camera exactly how many centimiters and also millimiters for example 27,5) you measure now your big toe. And now you do the same with the left foot. You look surprised about the length of your feet, you know you have long slender feet with very long toes but not so loooong!!!!!"
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