Lady Karame - Cum on my feet

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Description: I ordered you to me. You sit excitedly and with a throbbing heart and tight pants in front of me. My big, beautiful feet immediately put you under my spell. My red, shiny nail polish coerced you into a kind of trance. You can not take your eyes off my sexy feet and move like a snake back and forth while I play the bare-footed tune. You may open your pants and jerk off to my instructions. The juice is bubbling in you and everything around you blurs, while you listen only at my voice and stare at my feet. My skin, so immaculate, the color like porcelain. I want you to suck every single toe and lick my soles, which are a little dirty, and suck on them. You can barely restrain yourself as I utter the redemptive words.
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