Miss Whitney Morgan - So You Want To Be My Shoe And Foot Slave

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Description: So you've always wanted to be a shoe and foot slave to Miss Whitney Morgan... sniffing, smelling, licking, worshipping her old, used, smelly shoes.. cleaning her perfect size 8.5 feet from heel to tippy toe, lapping up all the sweat between each wiggling, spreading perfect toe. Now here's your chance.. Get down on your knees, ready to please her well worn smelly ballet flats.. and her sweaty, smelly feet.. Learn your new place in life as her personal shoe slave and foot worship slave.. see the cage you'll stay in.. and all the shoes you'll clean WITH ONLY your mouth - for the rest of your pathetic life. Includes: POV, domination, shoe slave, foot slave, slave training, slave application, shoe sniffing, shoe licking, shoe smelling, foot sniffing, foot licking, foot smelling, foot worship, soles, toes, barefoot, ballet shoes, ballet flats, shoe dangling.
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