Ashley Alban – Stinky Feet in Your Face

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Description: This is a realistic video filmed after Ashley really was walking around all day. Her feet actually are gross and you can see calluses. Also, since she was tired from walking all day, she didn’t set up the camera properly, so her feet are NOT fully in focus the entire video. Just. So. You. Know.*** Ashley walked around for hours today and her feet are k1lling her! Since is was a hot day as well she knows her feet must be smelly as well because she can tell they’re sweaty. She says absentmindedly that she would love a foot massage but there isn’t anyone who would put up with her feet right now. You say that you wouldn’t mind. Ashley looks at your in disbelief and laughs. She shows you how beat up her sneakers are. She takes them off and you can see a hole she wore into the heel. Ashley even holds her sneakers out to you so you can smell them. She suddenly realizes why you are interested in giving her a foot massage right now: her stinky feet turn you on! Ashley laughs and says that you’re so weird, but if it means her feet will feel better she doesn’t mind indulging your little fetish. Ashley removes her socks and puts her feet right in your face. They are so swollen, and you can even see calluses on the balls of her feet. You get to work rubbing her feet. Ashley even tells you to get your face nice and close so you can get a good whiff. You’re getting so turned on, you ask her if you can stroke your dick. Ashley agrees as long as you don’t slack off with her massage. She removes her shirt and bra too as a reward for your work. After rubbing both her feet and your dick for a while you are ready to cum. Ashley rolls her eyes, but encourages you to cum on her feet. After, she laughs and says that it was weird, but her feet feel much better now. Ashley says that she will definitely call you the next time her feet are gross and she wants a massage
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