LickingGirlsFeet11 - Clean our feet before scrubbing

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Description: Alsu and Nicole like to keep their feet well-groomed .. in this they are always helped by their slave girl rose. Today they decided to scrub their feet so that the skin on them was soft, but before this procedure, their feet should be clean. The girls got their feet dirty on purpose to make the slave's task more difficult .. they are interested to see how she handles their dirty feet in the beginning. rose worships the girls 'feet but all the dirt from them quickly ends up in her mouth .. her tongue turns black and she only smears the dirt on the girls' soles. The slave girl swallows all the dirt, but there is too much of it, and Alsu and Nicole allow her to bring a bowl of water. rose washes the girls' feet in water and begins to scrub their feet. “You don’t know how to do anything, whore! Lie face up!” - Nicole ordered after the slave girl's vain attempts to clean her feet. The girls scrubbed their soles and heels with a pumice stone .. all the old skin rained down on the face and mouth of the pathetic slave girl. The slave's dirty face was covered with spit and skin from the girls' feet. In the end, Alsu and Nicole allowed rose to wash her nasty face with dirty water from the basin where she washed their feet. Now the girls' feet are soft and clean ..