Goddess Natalie - Morning foot clean up

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Description: Good morning, my cute little puppy. Did you s.l.e.e.p well last night? I bet you had wet dreams of my lovely wrinkled feet and those yummy long toes, didn’t you? Well, aren’t you a little little thing? Guess what I’m gonna let you do this morning, just to get me ready for the day? That’s right, I’ll let you lick my lovely feet clean! I have a long day ahead of me, full of meetings and events and lots of things going on at my salon, so I must look my best. And as a beautiful Goddess that I am, I know that beauty isn’t just about hair and lips and eyes, a nice make-up and some pretty clothes. I know that a Goddess is supposed to first of all feel beautiful, clean and lovely in order to look it. And that’s exactly where you will come in, my little one. I’m gonna give you the amazing opportunity of making yourself useful to me, give your life a little bit of meaning, by cleaning my feet up before I get going. So go ahead and kneel at my feet in the yard! You’re gonna do such a good job and focus on my feet so well, that any noise around, any cars passing by or any other kinds of distractions will just fade away…all you will be able to think of will be my lovely soles. Now get to it and impress me!
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