Licking Girls Feet – NICOLE – Came home

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Description: Nicole came home from a walk where she was met by a slave girl zoe on her knees. As soon as the slave girl saw Nicole, she immediately rushed to worship her sneakers. Nicole likes it, she arrogantly smiles at the slave girl and orders her to take off her sneakers and lick her sweaty socks. Then she goes into the room and the stupid slave girl crawls after her and kisses her feet along the way. Nicole sits down on the couch and zoe continues brushing Nicole's socks with her tongue. Nicole takes off her socks, pushes deep into zoe's mouth and orders them to chew like a fucking hamster. Nicole gets bored with playing with her slave girl, she begins to humiliate her morally and slaps her. Nicole tells zoe that her soles should shine with cleanliness, zoe understands what to do and licks Nicole's sweaty and beautiful bare soles, carefully licking between her toes and swallowing all the sweat.