Nina Nieves - Foot Fetish Housemates

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Description: Pacing by the pool is Nina Nieves, arguing on the phone with her boyfriend, who was supposed to come and pick her up for a date after being away from each other all week. The petite cutie even got a fresh pedicure to go along with a new outfit and white sandals. Her housemate, Vince Karter, is also on a call with his girlfriend to find out their plans for a night out got canceled. Seeing Nina with a frown, he approaches to chat for a bit and compliments the red nail polish she picked out to lift her spirits. She opens up more, stating that her boyfriend would never have noticed, then lets Vince touch her dainty feet. Slipping off one sandal, the handsome man starts to suck on her pedicured toes while keeping his eyes on Nina. The tension between them builds as he continues to worship her feet, moving closer to where the brazen brunette is sitting to touch between her legs. They move to the couch in the living room, where Vince receives a sloppy footjob-blowjob combo. He kisses the soles of Nina's feet and covers her toes with spit before giving her shaved pussy a thorough licking and fingering. Needing to fuck his beautiful housemate, he slides into her tight slit in sideways missionary and thrusts deeply. After taking off her shirt and baring her small tits, Nina rides his lengthy shaft in reverse cowgirl, making her toes curl in pleasure. Getting on her knees, Vince pounds into her wet pussy in doggystyle while keeping his eyes on her firm ass and foot arches. They switch to cowgirl, the slim babe teasing her partner with wrinkles of her soles whenever he slips out, then moans when getting fucked fast. Vince gives Nina a shrimping while they indulge in a quick missionary before pulling out and spilling his hot cum all over her awaiting feet. Teasingly, the naughty teen cleans up every drop of his load on her pedicured toes with a smile.
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