Stella Liberty - Do My Homework and I’ll Do You

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Description: You're supposed to be tutoring me, but I keep disctracting you with the dangling of my black high heels. Are you staring at my long legs and high heels? How about my perfect feet? I just love to tease you even though it gts us off track. Truth is, I want something from you.. I want you to let me cheat off your next test, I promise you won't get in trouble and I'll see to it that I compensate you for the trouble. I tease you with my sweet white lacy panties, long spread legs and irresistable arches. While we're at it, wh don't you do my homework too. I'll let you play with my feet and legs. My crossed legs drive you absolutely wild. Distracting a smart nerd like you makes me feel so powerful and that I coud make you do anything that I want. I turn around and tease you with my sweet young ass. A boy like you will never get another chance with a girl like me. This is your only chance. If you refuse to help me I'll tell the whole school about your foot fetish. The sight of my huicy wrinkled somes makes you weak. My perfect high arches and scrunched soles make your mouth water. I want you to promise you'll help me pass all my classes with that big sexy brain of yours. Here, watch me suck my toes to seal the deal! You love to imagine me sucking your cock when you watch me lick my feet. Isn't that the closest you've ever been to a girl sucking on something? My toes are so tasty and I spit all over them. I put my feet in your face and ask you to suck them for me. Go ahead and start rubbing your cock, its the least I can do in return. My feet slide up and down your raging boner because if I can help you cum we can get back to work. Cum countdown at the end and you explode all over my soles so I can lick it off.
Models: Stella Liberty