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Description: Stripping my dirty white socks off I show you my bare feet and chipped blue toe-nail polish. It's time for my next pedicure and guess who's paying? Of course, it's you! Aren't you such a lucky little foot boy, allowed to pay for my perfect toenails to be painted? Count your lucky stars, foot worshiper. Today you will get teased by my wrinkled bare soles and wriggling toes. The skin on my toes is a little dry and my toenails are a little long. It's been 2 weeks or more since my last pedicure and the polish is chipped badly. I know you love my feet no matter what state they are in so you will get a good look at them before I go get them pampered on your dime! Pay up, pervert. My feet control your cock and your wallet. It's time to worship my feet and pay for my next pedicure! -My legs are bare and I'm just wearing a little pair of panties... watch closely for little flashes of my panties, ass and long bare legs... you dirty horndogs! (960x540 wmv) contains: female domination, humiliation, feet, foot fetish, soles, toes, ankles, legs, toe spreading, toe curling, foot flex, arches, toenails, toenail polish, financial domination, tease & denial, up skirt, panty, legs, ass, Goddess worship