Bratty Foot Girls - NO Escaping Our Foot Stink

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Description: Bratty Foot Girls - Luna vera, Maria Marley, Morgan Delray - NO Escaping Our Foot Stink Luna is the smartest girl in her class at school and the two populat girls Maria and Morgan had asked her to do their homework for them so they could hang out with the football jock boyfriends. Luna hates them both and secretly did a horrible job on their work. It was so bad that the two girls failed their class and they are furious now! They decide to saran wrap luna and tape her mouth and give her a truly disgusting payback, by forcing he to smell their ultra sweaty soles and feet! The brats sit above her and start smothering her face with their feet, they know how bad their foot stink is, especially seeing they had gym class today and both have a build up of toejam. Poor Luna ca do nothing as she is completely mummified in plastic wrap! The bullies keep pressing their toes and soles to her nose and forcing her to inhale, making sure to really humiliate her and make sure she never crosses them again!