Czech Soles - Smelly Pantyhose Are Paying For Her Rent

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Description: Tereza and Jack are roommates during college. Jack is responsible and he takes care about most things and Tereza just lives in the moment which is also why she usually don't have money for the rent and she's always late with them. And that's the situation right now again. She just arrived and Jack immediately calls for her to deal with the rent situation. He's determined to deal with it for once but as Tereza comes, she sits above Jack on the sofa and she interrupts him and asks Jack to take off her boot. "My feet are so sore and sweaty right now. I hade these boots on all day long. Would you please take this boot off? Please.". Jack weakens as he just loves pantyhose and especially worn, sweaty and smelly as these. He takes the boot off and Tereza keeps talking about how long she's wearing these smelly they are...they both can smell them now. "And what did you wanted to say before?" she asks Jack. "Well...yes, I the rent situati..." Jack tries to explain again but ...
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