Bratty Foot Girls - Nikki Jay Squirrel - Nikki Jay's Blackmailing Foot Worship

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Description: Nikki needs rent from her roomie who hasn't been working for a while now. It's her house and she's sick of him freeloading and has decided she is gonna get what she wants, and if he can't pay rent, then he can lick her tired sweaty feet instead. She agrees to give him another week as long as he does a good job of being her little foot bitch and gagging on her big wide meaty soles and toes. Her big size 9 soles glide on his tongue as he winces from the smell. She doesn't care about his complaints as she knows he secretly likes it. He doesn't know she found a ton of foot p0rn on his laptop and knows she can control him with her feet now. This will be life under Nikki, gagging her on perfect feet every day.
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