Dreamgirls in Socks Camilas Sweaty Feet Challenge Complete Version Full HD 1080p Version

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Description: Report Camila's Sweaty Feet Challenge - Complete Version - (Full HD 1080p Version) Camila has definitely been one of my favorite Dreamgirls for a while, because her feet sweat so much, and it drives me completely crazy! Plus, the only time she can come see me is directly after work, and she loves having her feet pampered after spending the whole day working in her warm boots. She seems to know perfectly well that the smell of her feet excites me to the highest degree, but it seems that having her feet pampered excites her just as much as me! It’s truly a win-win situation! This time, she chose to wear black socks before coming to see me, and she wore them for a minimum of two weeks at work! She had worked many hours straight in her boots that day too, so I was really excited at the idea of ​​being able to make her a slave again, and serve as an object for her to rest her tired feet after her long day of work! It’s always an honor to make her footstool while she has a good time relaxing in front of Netflix! I have to say that I really enjoy every moment with her! She is so sweet, and so kind! Camila was now ready to start her Netflix session, and she was lying nicely in front of me with her pretty feet ready to use me as a footrest. She really wanted to enjoy it that day, so she chose a movie lasting over two hours on Netflix, and asked me if it was a problem for me to stay in that position for a little more than two hours, without intervals. I really love to please her so much that it was impossible for me to say no to her. So she asked me to gently take off her boots, and immediately covered my face with her black socks completely soaked with her sweat, with her usual smile that makes her so irresistible! The smell of her socks was really disgusting and really intense, but she again seemed to have great pleasure in seeing me trapped, with my nose buried deep in her smelly socks! The smell of her socks caused an instant erection in my pants and I have to say that I was a little embarrassed, because it was a little difficult to hide in this position! Camila seems to find it rather funny, and continues to take advantage of this situation! She made me take deep breaths in her very wet and smelly socks, and also asked me to clean them with my tongue! The taste was so disgusting, but it excited me to no end! Camila now seemed to want to give her pretty stinky little feet some fresh air, so she asked me to take off her socks, in order to cover my face again with her pretty stinky feet. The smell of her feet was as intense as her socks, but it didn't seem to bother her at all. On the contrary, she seemed very satisfied to see my face well swallowed up under her two very stinky feet! She seemed so comfortable in this position that I didn't even dare to move! I was once again very excited, and my erection was becoming more and more intense. I was a little afraid at one point that I would ejaculate in my pants, so I had to really do everything possible at that moment to control myself. Camila made me take some really deep breaths in her stinky feet, and also asked me to lick her feet! She made me lick her pretty stinky feet, from heel to tip of toes, and also asked me to suck her toes! It was another wonderful evening with cute little Camila! What a pretty little Princess! The full version of this stinky feet session is fifty minutes long, and you know exactly where to find it! I hope you will appreciate this gem of a little clip as much as I do! (French Language)