myprettyfeet8 Sole Tickle on a Couch

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Description: Foot Slave Humiliating Wedding It's the long awaited wedding day! I'm all ready in my wedding dress and veil. My feet are SUPER dirty from walking around barefoot, but I know that's what you like. I guess it's a sad day for you though... You've been obsessed with me for years, and now I'm marrying your bully! haha! I've been stringing you along, taking advantage of the fact you'll do anything for me because I let you lick clean my soles, and yet you NEVER had a chance with me! You're a wimpy, pathetic foot loser! You've been so devoted to me that you're still a virgin! I'm mean... that's so fucking pathetic! BUT! I don't want you to move on, and I know you don't want to lose my perfect feet, so we're going to work out a deal. You pay for the wedding, lick my dirty soles clean, AND move into the guest room of your big house so my husband and I can move in to the master! You're going to be my servant, our maid, AND you're going to pay for our lifestyle! But not just all that, you'll need to be in permanent chastity as well. I don't want you walking around with a boner while my husband and I are enjoying our intense sex life around you. Yes, you'll be jealous, and yes you are completely rejected by me except as my foot slave, but this is the best life for you anyway. --->Use the tipping markup codes: TipYourModel for 20% markup ThankYou for 30% markup GreatTipper for 40% markup Findomme MarkUp Codes: superiormaleka for 50% markup MalekasPayPig for $100 markup IOwnYou for $1000 markup