Dreamgirls in Socks Jaylas Starflix Session Full HD 1080p Version

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Description: Jayla is a new cute Dreamgirl who is driving me completely crazy with her pretty feet, because the smell of her feet is so intense! She had come to my home to watch a few episodes of her favorite series on Starflix, and she seemed to intend to have her feet pampered too! She had worn her pretty frilly socks for a few more days, knowing that the smell of her feet was driving me crazy, and she seemed to have every intention of taking advantage of it! We were both lying on the bed, and she was lying in front of me with her feet directly in my face. I was already very excited simply because she seemed to want to rub her butt on my crotch! I was really hoping she would watch several episodes so she could spend the evening like that! Jayla asked me if I could see the screen well even with her boots in front of my face, and then asked me to take her boots off to improve my field of vision a little. I took off her boots, and she immediately stuck her two stinky feet right in my face! Not only was I having trouble seeing the screen now, but I could see absolutely nothing. The smell of her stinky socks was now directly in my face, and really made me horny to the highest degree! I already had an erection from her buttocks well aligned in front of my crotch, but the smell of her dirty socks simply made my penis harder in my pants! I was so hard! I was practically afraid of ejaculating in my pants! Jayla made me smell her dirty socks, and also asked me to lick them. The taste was terrible, but it excited me so much! She also asked me to sniff the inside of her boots a little, just to check the smell. It smelled so strong! Jayla took pleasure in caressing my legs while I licked her smelly feet, and it was becoming more and more sensual this little Starflix session! Jayla also asked me to take off her dirty socks with my teeth, and shoved them into my mouth with her feet. I was getting more and more excited! I now had her stinky socks in my mouth, and she was making me smell her pretty stinky bare feet at the same time! She made me take deep breaths in her stinky feet, and also ordered me to lick her stinky feet! I couldn't see anything of the Starflix screen, but I was totally delighted with her pretty feet in my face! She made me smell her boots again to check the smell, and asked me to pamper and kiss her feet, while she continued to watch her episodes on Starflix. She also asked me to suck her toes a few times! It was truly a wonderful evening!