Naomi & Catalina - Don't you DARE cum!

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Description: Hot brats Naomi & newcomer Catalina have their chastity slave out of his cage after months on end. However they have a deviously cruel plan for him. They know he's a slut for feet and they have come up with a little game. If he can hold out for 10 minutes whilst they tease his throbbing cock and balls with their feet while making him suck and lick their soft sweaty soles and toes, they will let him stay out of chastity for a month. If he can't hold out for the 10 minutes and cums in his boxers, then he will have to get locked back up for 6 months this time. He knows he's pretty much fucked as these two basically rub his cock as much as they can, he's in for a real challenge!
Models: Naomi Swann