Sunshine - Look me in the eyes and sniff my FEET!

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Description: Jason knocks on the door, Sunshine opens and says "Glad you are here. I've had a long day on the beach. On your knees. Come sit in front of me. I am going to have you inhale my beach feet for the next hour." She takes off her flip flops, tells you to smell each one. "Only through the nose. Smell." "Nope, not good enough." She pulls out the tape and quickly tapes your mouth shut. "Now nose in between the tose and smell my feet." "Look at my face while you do it. I want you to watch my enjoyment. SMELL!" Constant demands to "keep smelling." "Smell". "Look at me, smell my feet." Clip ends with "Now, look at me. 5 last deep inhales, as deeply as you can breathe. Smell deep. One. Smell deeper. Two. Breathe in very deep. That's three. Smell again. Four. One last deep smell. Nope, not good enough. SMELL. Five. Now leave. You will come back and smell again after my night out.