PerversionProductions - Bella Ink: Foot Fix Shoe Job/FJ

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Description: Bella has a secret; she has a guy coming over that's into feet. She likes to take his money so she lets him worship her feet. However she's going to try something new today. Instead of just letting him sniff her feet. She's going to jerk him off with her feet. "Make him jerk off between my shoe and sandal." "Test that out today and see if he cumms off that." Straps on the top "Know you could do some wonderful things with them." She didn't expect her foot guy to be packing meat; working her shoes and toes all over it. Working it up to get every last drip drop out of it. "Good Boy!" Laughing joyfully "Damn you produce a lot of sperm!" As for our voracious foot perv; He is in dire need of a foot job. When the need for feet kicks in, it kicks in hard. Though no random or mystery feet. Needs someone who really knows how to give a footjob. It's 1am and he's searchishly fiending for the perfect fj; After a bit of negotiating/talking Bella gave him the green light on the additional foot fun. He arrives feeling like this foot lust could flood out his ears. Whoa! Those shoes she's wearing! Rubbing on him through his trousers. He gets permission pull it out; Boner meat maxed the fuck out for this! Slightly sliding under her toes and the opening of her shoe; Like a shoe-mouth. Then sandwiching those shoes on his dong shoe jobbing away. Her saucy city taulk and flashy footwear is exactly what our boy needed. Trying her suggestion and slipping under the upper strap. Oh! but then those toes! Loves the feel of pantyhose but this time wants it RAW!Those grippy long toes, grip so tight and know exactly how to work it. Just like the assumption that good dick sucking lips = a good suck job. Bella's tight grippers gotta = a proper foot milking. You can just tell!Ped penis pets tickles so good. Her slippery oily milking hand tugs are pulling him to the finish! He takes the lead edging himself, going up and down then stopping as he knows its going to happen but doesn't want this pleasure to end. Theres you have it folks. A slight view into this clip from both angles.This is a damn good Bella Ink shoejob/footjob clip!