Ama - Seal the deal for my FEET!

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Description: Real Estate Agent Ama has her client very interested in the home they are viewing. However, he's just not 100% sure if he should take the plunge and sign today for it. As she tries her best to coax him to sign, he can't help but stare at her sexy heeled feet as she pops and dangles her shoes. He has a big foot fetish and it isn't long before Ama notices his fixation on her perfect sexy size 9s! She grins as she knows she has the perfect hook! She puts her feet up on his lap and asks him if he likes what he see's. He stutters and stammers but soon Ama has him in her clutches as she has him remove her shoes. Her long toes wiggle in front of him and she raises them to his face for a whiff. The smell hooks him as she has him start licking her feet. Her other foot moves to his crotch as she feels his rock hard cock getting bigger by the second. She knows she has him now. She keeps rubbing his cock over his jeans then has him remove them so he's just in boxers. She continues her foot tease as he lavishes kisses and licks all over her thick soles. She tells him if he signs for the house she'll finish him off and let him cum in his boxers, Of course he can't stop now!