KaylaJaneDanger - Tied Teased & Frustrated at my feet!

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Description: I’ve tied you up, and now I’ve got you right where I want you, you’re so much better when you can’t touch yourself, when I’ve got 100% of your attention and I can just roll you around by the tip of my stiletto, or ignore you, whatever. So I tease you, dangling my stilettos in front of your face, remove them and tease you with my perfect stockinged feet. I remind you that you are better off when you are aroused, leaking and frustrated for Goddess. You serve me so well when you remember that I come first, my wants and needs and whims and your orgasms and erections are just an afterthought and when your lucky a side-effect of my generosity. You know when Goddess has her way you will be teased and denied, edged in perpetuity all in her name!