KaylaJaneDanger - Blackmailed-fantasy by Fitness Coach

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Description: I’ve noticed you lurking outside my classes, I’ve seen the way you eye me and particularly my feet. And now my sneakers have gone missing, after a few classes where my socks have gone missing … Im catching on to you, and there’s nowhere for you to hide. You see I have this job for 2 reasons, to keep my body looking this hot, and to expose and use boys like you who need discipline, training and someone like me to take control of their cocks so they stay out of trouble. I don’t need this money so I have nothing to lose but you have everything to lose. You will hand over my shoes before the end of my next class, and you will hand over all your paychecks to me in order to stay in my good graces, and after each paycheck, well I’ve got a special treat for you that you will not want to miss. So be a good bitch for me and these sweaty, smelly socks and you will find out.