KaylaJaneDanger - The Tutor's New Technique

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Description: Your tutor is so hot, and so distracting, she is always dressed in fancy lingerie that you can see peeking from her top or her skirt, she wears things like nylon stockings that you don't see often, they seem so exotic, you can't help but get distracted, and then when she starts dangling those insanely hot high heels and you catch glimpses of those high arched feet of hers, your mind leaves your studies and starts generating fantasies instead. I'm no fool, I know exactly what you're thinking, and I'm going to train your mind to turn your mindless obsession into a motivational trigger to excel you in your studies. I will give you just a taste of what you think you want, but put into place certain rules. You must study, and succeed at your assignments for another taste of these perfect feet, until then your focus must be on your studies, or you will be denied that pleasure ever again!