DatesGoneWrong - Time To Worship Bella Ink's Gym Feet

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Description: POV When you first went on a date with Bella Ink everything seemed normal, that is in till she turned you into her slave. Today she happens to be coming back from the gym and there you are like the good slave she has programmed you to be to worship her smelly feet. First Bella makes you lick the bottom of her gym shoes and next she is making you take deep breaths of the inside of them. She begins to say how well your doing as she shoves her smelly socked feet in your face next. Soon she has you worshiping her bare feet like the good slave you are. Bella makes you lick from the bottom of her soles to the top of her toes. She even begins to shove them down your throat just for her amusement. After she believes you have done a good job, Bella sends you off to run her bath.