Sasha Foxxx - Foot Stuffed for Thanksgiving

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Description: Sasha comes home after doing some last minute shopping ready to goto her family's place for a big thanksgiving dinner. However, she had asked her boyfriend Jason to stuff the Turkey as they are in charge of the big meal of the night. She finds him barely awake as she quizzes him on why he's not ready to go. She asks if he stuffed the turkey and he completely forget as he was napping. She flies into a blind rage as they are on a time crunch and now she is furious! She grabs him by the hair and decides to show him exactly how to stuff a turkey as she aggressively rams her long toes down his throat! Her pathetic excuse for a boyfriend mumbles and apologizes but Sasha is in no mood to give him any mercy as she's gonna be humiliated now at her own dinner because of him! Her feet are very smelly and he has no choice but to endure the stinky salty smell as his tongue lathers them up as she gags him over and over again! Happy Thanksgiving Foot Bitch!