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Description: The best part about friends is that they are always there when you need them. Today, I am in real need of an obedient foot slave. I confront one of my friends, who I know has been secretly lusting after me for sometime, that we will be taking our friendship to a new level. He is already drooling when he sees me in a short shiny black dress and leather boots. If you're gonna slobber all over my floor, you might as well get down there like the dawg you are. And, if you are a bad doggy I might have to punish you with my whip until you obey my commands. That's right, I own you now and you are going to do whatever I say. Now, let's get started with you rubbing and licking all over my hot and sweaty feet. Look's like a woman's best friend is her new slave.
Models: Ceara Lynch