Sasha Foxxx - Captured as my new slave

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Description: Starts with “me” knocking on her door; I am at the wrong address and wrong place. She tells me to come in and she’ll help me find the place, and when I come in, she’s very nice and suddenly with my back turned a rag comes from behind. I wake up to find I’m tied up with duct tape and gagged with duct tape and Sasha straddling me: she tells me I came to the wrong house and how bad that is for me. She tells me that she has been needing a foot slave and sex slave, and once she saw me she knew it had to be me. She tells me that it’s no use struggling or trying to scream because no one will hear me or find me. She details how she is going to torment me with her dirty, smelly feet and break me in as her slave until I give up and accept my fate and my new life She takes off her shoes with no socks shoving her feet in my face and telling me this is my life now. The video continues like this with her saying such phrases like she loves to feel me struggle and try to scream under her and that eventually I’ll tire out and lie there helpless and accept my fate. Once time begins to run out, she says that she’s surprised I have this much energy and spirit, and that it’s going to take longer than she thought to break me in. And ends the video by using the rag again and telling me it’ll be easier to smuggle me to her dungeon if I’m quiet and knocked out for it. And that’s the end of the video.