Cruel City - Enza Tramples Her Slave with Her Leather Boots!

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Description: Try as he might, this slave can`t seem to do anything right and mistress Enza delights in punishing him for it. "Did someone tell you to lay down?" she scolds when he assumes she`d like him to lay on the floor. She makes him rise to his knees, then gives him the command to lay on his back. She climbs atop his shirtless body and tramples him with her leather boots, their heels digging into his sensitive flesh while she basks in his agony. "You like it, swine?" she asks when she pauses to kick him in the side, then stands on his body again to continue crushing him. She digs her boots into his nipples while he squirms in pain beneath her, then stops to kick him in side again. He cries out in pain as she delivers a series of vicious kicks before trampling him yet again, walking all over his body as he groans in pain. "Where do you think you`re going, asshole?" she snarls when he attempts to escape. How much more abuse can this slave take?
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