Your foot fetish dream with goddess Megan

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Description: It's morning and Jack is relaxing in his bed dreaming his most exciting desires about the foot goddess Megan. He's totally in love with Megan. He loves her body, her face, her voice...but most of all he loves her sexy feet. Her long toes, slim feet and awesome soft soles and also their perfect scent. In his dream Megan is waiting for him, teasing him in, wanting him to worship her sexy feet. It's just a dream but it feels so live! In the dream, Jack suddenly appears at the same room he dream of the first time and there, on the sofa, there is Megan. He can"t believe it! Is it rally happening? Megan? It seems so real and Megan wants her feet worshiped. She wants Jack to do it and to take care of her feet and of his goddess. It's really the perfect dream!
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