Sweet Southern Feet - Teacher Blackmails Maryann To Suck Her Feet

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Description: Ava and Maryann are both teacher at the same school and Maryann came over to confront Ava about her making the female students lick her feet to graduate. The table get turned when Ava grabs her phone and brings up some old clips of Maryann on a porn site. She would be fired if the school found out so Ava raises a proposition. She forces Maryann to her knees and instructs her to lick her feet. Maryann hates every bit of it but she needs to keep her job. Maryann licks and sucks on every inch of Ava's big soles and toes. Ava moves to different places of the room to give Maryann better access to those wrinkled soles and pretty polished toes. Maryann has to do this twice a week if she wants to keep her little secret from the school principle.