“Not Your Boyfriend!” Bound Footworship Orgasm

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Description: My step-sister, Nikki is dating a new guy, who I’m not too fond of. But, she’s so infatuated by him, she can’t see the negatives. I have a little plan. I tie her and tell her I invited her boyfriend over for some romantic and kinky sex. She’s bound to the bed with eyes closed for her surprise. Instead of invited her boyfriend over, I play a trick on her. I enter the room, not saying a word, and Nikki thinks I’m her boyfriend! This should teach her a lesson! I slowly tease her and work my way straight down to her feet. I’ve always noticed how cute my step-sister’s feet are. How awkward would it be for her to have them worshipped? I smirk at the idea and stick out my tongue to touch her toe. She starts laughing and doesn’t know what’s going on. I want to make her cringe. I begin the worship and she opens her eyes. She is appalled at the sight of me, beneath her, indulging in her bare feet! She gets mad but I refuse to stop. In between long licks, I explain my completely logical reasoning for this foot worship. Her new boyfriend is bad news, and she’s just too smitten to realize it. While she’s been bound and anticipating his arrival, I’ve been working to get rid of him! Now I won’t have to worry about my step-sister being taken advantage of by some loser. And now, I have her precious feet to myself. I decide the best way for her to get over him is to have an exceptional orgasm. I suck each toe soft and gently, run my tongue along the length of her soles, and suck on her heel. She doesn’t want to admit how amazing it feels, but she can’t hide it. Her body tenses and Nikki reaches orgasm. She’s embarrassed and angry with me so I leave her tied up until she cools down.