Incall with a Physician with anInappropriate FootFetish

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Description: Custom Script *Sofie goes to the doctor because her head has been hurting. What she doesn’t know is that the doctor has been watching her for a while and has been waiting for the chance to get her feet to herself. First scene Sofie comes into the doctor saying that she’s been having headaches for a few days now. The doctor looks her over and tells her that maybe she’s getting head pains from wearing such tight footwear as it could mess with circulation. Sofie seems a bit skeptical but the doctor says no worries she can help, she has Sofie lay onto the table on her belly with her feet hanging off the edge. She says that these will have to go and removes the shoes, looking at them with disgust before tossing them aside. The doctor says we’ve almost solved the problem and with that she removes both socks and examines her bare soles, telling Sofie to wiggle her toes. She says wet treatment should work best and goes to work worshipping her feet. Sofie asks what she’s doing and doesn’t see how this will help but doctor tells her to stay still and wiggle her feet around while she helps cure her. After a while she says she can go home and see how she feels. Sofie says first she needs her shoes and socks, to which the doc says no that will ruin the treatment and in fact, just so she’s not tempted, she cuts the socks in half with scissors and tosses the shoes in the trash bin taking it offscreen to throw out telling Sofie to come in for a follow up tomorrow. 2nd scene it’s the next day and Sofie comes into the office for her follow up. She tells the doctor that the treatment did not seem to help. The doctor claims no wonder she’s back in those constricting shoes and socks again. She tells Sofie to prop her feet up so her soles are showing. Sofie sits and has her soles facing the camera. Doctor says that her feet are just too soft and sensitive to have them all trapped in these thick socks and shoes. She feels both hands on Sofie’s shoe soles and says see how hard and blocking these are, then removes the shoes and feels both hands on Sofie’s socked soles. The doctor claims that she will never be cured until her feet are nice and free. She takes scissors and starts cutting from bottom of the sock heel to toe on both socks, baring her feet. The doctor says now this is how these perfect soles were meant to be, they just need some love now. She starts worshipping Sofie’s feet again. Sofie says she really doesn’t think this is helping but the doc tells her to trust her and throws away her new pair of shoes again. The final scene Sofie comes in saying that she’s not convinced of this method but did as she said and brought in all her remaining shoes and socks but for what purpose. The doctor says she has definitely solved her problem and will begin on the solution immediately. She rips Sofie’s shoes off and throws them, propping her feet up so her soles face the camera before taking scissors and cutting hole after hole into Sofie’s socks until she is barefoot. Sofie is upset but the doc tells her to relax and take a drink of the healing water. Sofie drinks it but falls resting. Sofie wakes up and the doc tells her she is all cured. Sofie asks what the issue was and the doc says it was simply those bothersome shoes but not to worry as she threw them all away so they wouldn’t be a problem. The doctor also says she has modified all her socks so they should suite her feet perfectly now. Sofie goes to try them on but they are all so ruined that when she does they either show almost all of her feet or are just hanging from the ankles. The doctor says that to fully cure her these feet need to be bare forever and she starts worshipping Sofie’s feet until the end of the custom.*